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There have been a lot of questions and posts about my new program, Dig Deeper, so I wanted to drop some answers to some hot topics & frequent questions. I know there is a lot of hype and talk about this program launch, LET’S GOOOOO, but I want to make sure info regarding equipment, program details, etc. is correct so you can dig your deepest!
  • You will need MANY & HEAVY weights. There is no blanket range to suggest. It’s important to remember your lower body will require heavier weights than your upper body. You will never exceed 20 reps of any exercise. I will re-pin the video I posted talking about weight selection.
  • You NEED a bench that will lay flat & adjust to an incline. Period. 🙂
Program Info:
  • 12-Week Lifting Program
  • 40-50 minute workouts
  • 5-6 days each week
  • 4 collections
  • Different calendars will be available
  • No jumping. No Impact. Just lifting. TRUE STRENGTH TRAINING.
  • You can ABSOLUTELY do this program in a gym, apartment gym, hotel gym, or space that has an adjustable bench and weights.
👉🏾Sample Workout: NOVEMBER 20
👉🏾Early Access Window & Program Releases on BODi: DECEMBER 19

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