These 30 days of workouts will help prepare your endurance and muscle to develop in preparation for the release of my Dig Deeper workout.

During the time of this challenge, you’ll be lifting weights, and as you know, you’ll need a weightlifting bench for Dig Deeper. This challenge will prepare you for Dig Deeper — yes — but you should also know that the program was created and designed for anyone at any time to be able to press play with zero weightlifting or workout experience. It’s not an advanced type of workout, anyone can do it. The reason why this is true is because in Split 1, it’s the foundations of lifting. Whether you have no experience lifting or plenty, it will prepare you for the styles of training you’ll see throughout the 12-week body recomposition calendar. You control the intensity because you control the weight you lift for the workouts, just like any weightlifting workout. 

I’m also excited to share with you FIRST that this challenge will kick off with two brand new LIVE lifting workouts with me on BODi, Monday and Tuesday, November 6 and 7! **

To any new folks who have joined the group, you will need a BODi membership to be a part of this challenge and to be able to purchase early access to Dig Deeper, when it becomes available on December 19.

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